The Party Program of the Danish People’s Party

as established October 2002

I take great pleasure in presenting the Danish People's Party's party program.

As has been the case until now, the essence of the party program is a warm and strong love of our country.

In the Danish People's Party we are proud of Denmark; we love our country and we feel a historic obligation to protect our country, its people and the Danish cultural heritage.

This sense of obligation implies the need for a strong national defence, and secure and safe national borders. Only in a free Denmark can the country develop according to the will of the people.

Yours truly

Kristian Thulesen Dahl

The aim of the Danish People's Party is to assert Denmark's independence, to guarantee the freedom of the Danish people in their own country, and to preserve and promote representative government and the monarchy.

We are bound by our Danish cultural heritage and our responsibility towards each other as people. For this reason, we wish to strength our country's internal and external security.

We want a country of free Danish citizens empowered to fend for themselves and decide their own fate. However, the state is also bound to render support to those Danes who are in need, and bring them security and peace of mind.

We wish to see our country and its democracy evolve freely and will oppose any attempt to curtail the free rights of our government and citizens.

The Danish People's Party will play an active role in representative government: In Parliament and on local councils we will – more than happily in cooperation with other parties - work conscientiously towards implementing as many of our policies as possible.


Denmark's constitutional monarchy must be preserved.

We value the Danish constitution as the basis of representative government, which should be developed yet further through more direct democracy.

We wish to see the Danish State Community preserved for as long as the Danish people have a wish to do so and the Greenland and Faeroese peoples wish to remain in the Community.


The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church is the church of the Danish people.

Christianity has been honoured in Denmark for centuries and is an integral part of Danish life. It is impossible to measure the significance Christianity has had and has on Danish life and the Danish way of life. Through the ages it has been a groundstone and given guidance to the people.

Christianity draws a sharp distinction between the temporal world and the world of faith – a distinction of crucial importance for any country's evolution, for freedom, openness and democracy.

The Danish People's Party wants the Government to support the National Church. This does not prejudice ordinary religious freedom, of which we are supporters – and protectors.


Danish independence and freedom are the primary objectives of Danish foreign policy.

The Danish People's Party wishes friendly and dynamic cooperation with all the democratic and freedom-loving peoples of the world, but we will not allow Denmark to surrender its sovereignty.

As a consequence, the Danish People's Party opposes the European Union.

We value the fundamental liberties of freedom of speech, the right of assembly and religious liberty and thus emphasise the importance of also respecting these rights for other nations.

As an independent and free nation, Denmark should be member of NATO, to which our country should make the necessary contributions. Thus we will work towards a credible and effective national defence with an army, a navy, an air force and a home guard.

We support Denmark's membership of the UN, whose task it is to work towards peaceful co-existence between member countries and ensure that aid is brought to people in need as a consequence of wars, civil wars, famines and natural disasters.


Preservation of law and order is of great importance in a society founded on the rule of law, and therefore there must be coherence between crime and punishment.

It is of great importance for the public conception of justice that the consequence of crime is rapid conviction and punishment. The necessary resources must be allocated to crime prevention and investigation.


The country is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish culture must be preserved and strengthened.

This culture consists of the sum of the Danish people's history, experience, beliefs, language and customs. Preservation and further development of this culture is crucial to the country's survival as a free and enlightened society.

Therefore we wish to see action on a broad front to strengthen the Danish national heritage everywhere. Outside Denmark's borders we would like to give financial, political and moral support to Danish minorities.


Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multiethnic society.


Denmark belongs to the Danes and its citizens must be able to live in a secure community founded on the rule of law, which develops along the lines of Danish culture.

It ought to be possible to absorb foreigners into Danish society provided however, that this does not put security and democratic government at risk. To a limited extent and according to special rules and in conformity with the stipulations of the Constitution, foreign nationals should be able to obtain Danish citizenship.


Help should be available through an efficient social and healthcare system to all who are in need of it.

Nursing and care of the elderly and the disabled is a public responsibility. We must ensure that these segments of the public enjoy a dignified and secure life on equal terms throughout the country.

Health care and the public hospital service must be of the highest standard and should, in principle, be publicly financed through taxation. Preventive healthcare should have a high priority.


The family is the heart of Danish society.

Denmark depends on the conditions families are offered. The ties of intimacy between husband and wife and children and parents are the pillars of Danish society and of great importance for the future of the country. Therefore, families must be guaranteed the best possible preconditions.


One precondition for the country's future development is an education system of the highest standard.

The Danish People's Party has as extremely high prioritises teaching, education and research. There must be a free choice between state and private schools. Pupils should be instilled with useful knowledge – including an understanding of the historical and cultural bases for development in Denmark and their own lives as Danish citizens. We lay equal significance on manual and intellectual labour for maintaining the continued dynamism of the country. The education system should be capable of taking into consideration individual abilities, talents and interests.


Danish prosperity depends upon the combined efforts of the whole Danish population.

The prosperity of Denmark is a result of enterprise, businesses and hard-working individuals working together. This prosperity stems from the fact that an extremely large proportion of both men and women are in work and, in particular, is a consequence of the high quality that is characteristic of the Danish workforce.

The country needs entrepreneurs and society must be organised so as to let people know that hard work and ability pay.


We must take care of the natural world.

We will work to ensure that we and future generations are able to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Denmark must develop in unison with the natural world, in that we should exercise caution when it comes to the long-term consequences of the way we live.

Moreover, we will work both at the national and international level to ensure that the way in which the earth's resources are used bears the stamp of consideration, care and a sense of responsibility, which includes showing care for the natural world and all its living creatures, for which we, as stewards of the earth's riches, are responsible.
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